Work, which once seemed routine in a real war, is a feat of every day, a personal feat of every employee of the enterprise.


Due to full-scale Russian aggression, six seaports are unable to receive and send cargo, including ports in the Odessa and Black Sea regions. Despite this, the business is working, we continue our responsibilities to the business. The Office of Expertise and Certification operates on a full-time basis.
ukraine chornomorsk

Since the beginning of the war, experts have certified more than 300 certificates of origin.

ukraine chornomorsk
Experts of Chornomorsk ENTERPRISE OR CCI, under conditions of war, continue to perform examinations of quantity, quality of goods, certify certificates of origin at the cost of their own safety. Applications require work in remote areas, which are often doubly dangerous to reach.

Now, to the professional qualities of each expert and their own responsibility for the result, courage is added. Our Experts show outstanding courage in defending the interests of Ukrainian business.

Glory to Ukraine and everyone who is making efforts for the future victory!

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